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Please test workflow before using for customer projects.

Action Maker 3.0 (coming soon)

Spend your time focusing on people and content!

How to set up an Idea Box

An idea box provides the option to collect discovery idea without an idea city. It will be activated if no content is present from the amassing phase or if you manually activate it in the settings.

Basic Settings for an Online Workshop

This tutorial provides with all the tools to get up and running with your online workshop. All links are referring to the demo project of Jonathans's Juice bar.

How to import Miro Content to the Idea Machine Engine

This tutorial shows you how to import content from Miro ( to the Idea Machine Engine.

Create a website for personal use

You can use the Sitemanager also for yourself. A nice way to structure information.

How to create a time lapse video from a workshop using a DJI Osmo camera and DaVinci Resolve
How to setup an Innovation Control Center

An innovation control center is an growing online tutorial for customes.

It consists of

  • 6 Posters
  • Background information (growing)