About Sarah Bergamini

Born in 1992, in my childhood I was quite active... playing, running, drawing, reading, and learning. I was studying till 15 and finished school at that age. After school I started a 4 years training as a technical drawer in landscape-architecture. I played volleyball through my whole youth, and discovered a passion for photography with 19. In 2014 I took a 6 month break to make my english degree and travel Canada. I re-discovered my Love for the mountains there and enjoyed my time outside walking, biking, hiking... since 5 years I’m reading as much as I can and try to constantly develop myself. I love diving into new topics and ideas. In 2015 I started writing down every Idea I had, now I have quite a collection of notes, sketches, and notebooks. in 2016 a took another break from work and hiked the GR10 a long-distance hiking trail in the french pyrenees. I started working by myself in 2017, and I’m looking forward to share my knowledge with new people.


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